This neat little air purifier is super easy to use, featuring clear touch controls on the centre of the unit. With a simple touch of your finger you can turn the air purifier on and off and control the fan speeds. The speeds to choose from are high, medium and low, low is perfect for night time as it’s ultra-quiet.


So quiet you can sleep soundly next to it! Turn the unit to sleep mode for no night time disturbances. There's also no light pollution in the bedroom. No other air purfier is able to deliver air cleaning performance like this with such low noise emissions.

There are other factors that can contribute to poor air quality, such as dust, bacteria, pet hair, dust mites and fumes. This Air Purifier delivers HEPA cleaning performance doubled with a Plasma Ioniser to help remove these toxins from the air. Helping your family breathe easier and even help to minimise the effects of smoking in the home.

Suited to rooms that measure up to 18 square metres. Safe and quite enough to be left on overnight and unattended. The EAP100D is a highly versatile air purifier that can be used anywhere in the home or office, by the bedside and even enclosed spaces such as caravans and boats. The unit is also great for monitoring the temperature and humidity in the room. The filter monitor will advise you when is the time to clean/replace your filter. No more guesswork.

Key Features:

  • 3 stages of air purification using professional air filtration and sterilisation
  • Helps to reduce symptoms of hay fever and asthma
  • Removes, reduces and absorbs harmful bacteria in your air!
  • Super-quiet with sleep function so it will never wake you up
  • Easy to use touch controls with 2 fan speed settings
  • Temperature, humidity, fan speed and filter status displays
  • A godsend for those with allergies and hay fever
  • Long-lasting performance with easy to change cartridge filters

electriQ Air Purifier Ultra Quiet HEPA and plasma filter with antibac technology

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