Summer 2020 heatwave: How to beat the heat.

As predicted by the Met Office, summer 2020 is set to be one of the hottest on record, with global average temperatures excepted to rise in the upcoming five years!

At AC & Heating 365, we are aware of the adverse effects that high temperatures can bring. We have compiled some top tips for keeping cool and safe during the hot weather!

As outlined by Public Health England in the 'Beat the Heat: Keep cool at home' checklist, certain types of homes and workplaces are at higher risk of overheating. These include:

  • Top floor offices/flats

  • Spaces located in densely built up urban communities

  • Homes/offices with poor insulation and hot water systems

  • Homes/offices with window opening restrictions.

In addition, some groups of people may be higher risk of suffering the adverse consequences of a heatwave such as the elderly, socially isolated individuals, children and those with pre-existing complex health conditions.

Preparation is key!

In the event of a heatwave, you should stay up to date with announcements from the met office. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments in your home or workspace prior to the heatwave.

Air conditioning units can play a vital role in keeping your indoor environment cool. In turn, this can reduce the risk of dehydration, fatigue and heat stroke.

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Alongside air conditioning and ventilation, other methods of keeping cool include:

  • Wear loose fitting, cotton clothing

  • Cool baths/ showers and regularly splashing face with cold water.

  • Plenty of fluids.

  • Keep sun exposed windows closed during peak temperatures and open again when cooler.

  • Remember to check on vulnerable family & friends.

For more top tips & advice, see link below for NHS guidance on what can do to keep cool:

Keep Safe & Keep Cool.

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