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Since your reading this I am guessing the heat is rising and your in desperate need of some air cooling machines which gives the north pole a run for its money!
Air con near me you ask? we are everywhere, as a nationwide online seller of air conditioning there is nowhere in the British isles we cant reach. So save yourself the stressful journey in traffic down to your local branch and buy from us.
From cheap portable air conditioning units to supply your homes, to large commercial air conditioning units, our air con centre has it all.

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The first ever air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 in New York, USA, by a 25 year old engineer called Willis Carrier. If you would like to find out more about how they was first made why not check out this wiki link
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How Many Products Do I Need?
Depends on the size, number of rooms you have and how powerful the product is you are purchasing.
2. Am I Covered By Warranty?
Yes, every product comes with 12 month guarantee with manufacturer.
3. Are They Easy To Install?
Yes, most of our products are either completley portable or wall mounted.

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